Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Live, Learn and Try Again

Do you remember my vintage Christmas ball wreath?  The one that I diligently collected Christmas balls to make?  The one that took my Mom and I (and Gretchen too!) all day to make?  The one that I loved a bit too much?  It's fallen.  Twice.

Technically, the first time wasn't a fall, it was more of a loosening since just a few balls came unglued and shattered on my stovetop*.  Apparently, heat and steam do not go well with hot glue.

After that little incident we decided that over the stove was no longer a viable option.  Unfortunately, we couldn't come up with a decent place to put it!  We ended up replacing a painting that resides over our fireplace with a temporary mirror (Gretchen had one in her basement).  I used a Command Hook because I didn't want to put another hole in our plaster walls.  Unfortunately, it didn't hold and the whole wreath came crashing down!  Unbelievably, it landed on a cushion and all was not lost.  My Mom and I replaced a number of the balls and hung it again.  This time with a screw, wire and a really tight knot!

*In case you are wondering, I had black bean soup bubbling on the stove to serve to our dear friends, Mark and Lori, who were visiting for lunch.  Even though everyone involved was sure that no glass made it into the soup pot, I still think they were brave for eating it.


  1. I love that wreath...I'm sorry it fell twice...I'm glad it didn't break! You found a great place!

  2. Oh my goodness, I think I was holding my breath for your wreath at a couple of points there. Glad it was ok. I had some friends over and I dropped a bowl of potato salad-in a glass bowl- on the floor, and my friends wanted to try it. I'm pretty sure I'd love your friends!


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