Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Vintage Christmas Ball Wreath

Today I'm so excited to share my newest Christmas decoration, a vintage christmas ball wreath!  Several years ago Gretchen and I were on a home tour when we spotted a gorgeous wreath and it was love at first sight.  It literally made us stop in our tracks to admire is beauty!  Ever since then we have wanted to try our hand at making one and this year we finally did it!  

We had another friend who gave us some tips after she made one as well.  She suggested using new ornaments to fill up the bottom layer.  Even though I think this is a great suggestion and it would definitely save money, I ended up using all vintage since I had enough.  I bought almost all of the Christmas balls on Etsy from various sellers.  I did buy a few from a local antique store when I realized that I needed smaller and/or unique shaped ornaments.  If I could have found more of the balls locally I would have been happier because shipping multiple orders from multiple sellers adds up fast!

We really debated what sort of wreath form to use and actually started with a wire form but realized fairly quickly that it just wasn't going to work for us.  In the end, we used a foam wreath and hot glued all of the balls directly on the foam and to each other.  We started on the inside and outside of the form and built up from there.  We found that the little feather tree sized balls were critical to fill in the empty spaces.  We also found that a few "special" ornaments added a lot to the wreath- striped, glittered, or bell-shaped really helped to add depth and visual interest to the wreath.

My Mom was brought in for this project!  She has a great eye and I believe she enjoyed herself.  I was given the very difficult and weary job of applying the hot glue*!  She placed each ball in just the right spot!

Gretchen also made a gorgeous wreath.  We were really surprised at how different they turned out!

I really just love it so.  The icing on the cake was that I was able to use the vintage ribbon I got last winter.  It was a match made perfect!

*It was not a difficult or weary job!


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