Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Nutcracker

Tonight, Grace had her final performance in the Nutcracker!  She performed 8 times, in 3 different theaters and loved every bit of it.  Rehearsals began at the end of September and were every single Saturday and Sunday up until Thanksgiving weekend.  Bryce and I were hesitant due to the huge time commitment, but it was worth every second of it so that she could be a part of something bigger than herself, work with a group of girls toward a common goal and see where hard work and perseverance (herself and the other dancers) can get you.  We are so very proud of our girl and all the hard work she put into The Nutcracker.


  1. She looks so lovely! Congratulations Grace!

  2. This is just incredible! I am so proud of her! :)


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