Monday, December 10, 2012

Host or Hostess Gifts for Children

Recently, Grace was invited to a holiday party just for children.  I thought it would be fun for her to take a host (in this case the hosts were two boys!) gift to thank them for having her.  We thought gum would be a fun, cute gift that almost everyone enjoys.  

I found bags of gum-balls at the party store ($2.99 for the small packages) and then put them in cellophane bags with a ribbon and a cute tag!  I think it made Grace feel good walking into the party with something to offer!


  1. Adorable! I love the idea of having the kids bring a hostess gift too.

  2. This is beyond brilliant!
    I didn't even know that hostess gifts what polite. I was never taught until I was older! It's hard to learn these lessons later...just because your the only one without a hostess gift! I will follow in your footsteps to guarantee that my kids know! :)
    (I will give my parents credit..they had 12 kids..they didn't go to very many parties! :) )


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