Monday, December 3, 2012

The Children's Christmas Outfits

The past couple of years I've really tried to get the children holiday clothes that they will actually wear after Christmas is over. This year Grace requested pants, and even though I do love girls in dresses, I think her Christmas outfit is really sweet and appropriate for her.  We got pants that are a little dressier (and they were only $14!) to go with this adorable bow shirt (I may or may not also have one) from Kayce Hughes.

Harris chose to wear a bow tie* and he really, really wanted a jacket like his Dad.  I was able to find a casual corduroy* one with really cute details.  He's already worn it to the Nutcracker and loved wearing it!  And I can hardly stand how handsome he looks in it!

*Both the blazer and the bowtie seem to be out of stock but they both came from Janie and Jack.


  1. I LOVE Grace's shirt! And I can see how you would to (have to) get one for yourself too. I wish my 4 year old would wear bow ties and blazers but he is currently in a
    "I don't want to look handsome" phase. Sigh.

  2. Adorable! I love the jacket and bowtie! What cute outfits you have picked out!

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  4. your truly an amazing mom! the outfits are divine!

  5. What cute outfits!!!!! Having mostly boys I have found it harder to have them dress up. I have had luck in the past year but still haven't found their xmas outfits!!! Blessings,Sara

  6. So glad that you like our shirt and I love your wreath!!!!!


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