Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sibling Gifts 2012

Truly, one of the highlights of Christmas for both the children is the making and opening of gifts that they give each other.  In fact, this tradition of making gifts has started taking hold in the family and more and more gifts are made each year (more on that to come)!

This year, Grace's gift to Harris was really a gift from the heart.  She decided early in the season that she wanted to knit (knit!) Harris a gnome.  I think that would be remarkable in of itself, but what really astounds me is that she just learned to knit in the fall (I don't knit, so was basically unable to help) and this was quite an ambitious undertaking.  She spent hours working on the gnome, knitting on the drive to and fro from Nutcracker performances and school.  He turned out darling and Harris loves him.  I hope that Harris understands the love that went into the gnome and how special he really is.

Harris made Grace yarn ball bookmarks that turned out darling.  We followed instructions from here.  He picked out the colors and then went to town making little puffballs.  Now we just have to keep them away from the cats!

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  1. What a thoughtful tradition. What a terrific hug. Also enjoyed seeing the red ribbon around Harris' feet.


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