Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Making Chocolate

Ever since reading Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and visiting Hershey Park, Harris has developed a fascination with chocolate-  specifically, making chocolate.  So he was thrilled to receive a chocolate making kit from my sister and her family for Christmas.

It was especially fun for him (and Grace) to see the cacao bean.  We have read about these beans a lot but it was really wonderful to hold, smell and taste the bean.

The kit comes with everything you need to make chocolate including a stick on thermometer to get the chocolate to the right temperature for tempering.

When all the steps are followed you are left with some delicious chocolate to enjoy!


  1. Yummm... so I assume this is gluten free? How cool is that?
    Did you see the almond flour pizza crust I posted the other day, it was pretty good.
    that is my email, would love to see your giving list! It might give me some ideas of things we can do here. Thanks.

  2. Ohh. That looks like such a food adventure. Chocolate IS food isn't it? Think I'll head to the kitchen for some chocolate. . . . .


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