Thursday, January 6, 2011

Empty Nest List

{Visiting Washington, D.C. in 2009}

Several years ago, on the way home from a vacation at the Homestead, Bryce and I began talking about the things that we would really like for our children to do/learn before they left home.  We called it the "Empty Nest" list.  As time is flying by I'm realizing that our time with the children is actually very short (Grace will be 18 in 9 years!) and I want to have no regrets when it comes to them.  This list is actually very selfish- I want to be with the children when they experience these things!  The list is in no way comprehensive and I realize that it is bound by our own experiences but it's fun to cross things off and even add to the list as time goes on.

Empty Nest List for Grace and Harris

Visit the Grand Canyon
Visit Yellowstone National Park
Visit Big Sur National Forest 
Travel through Alaska on a train
See Niagra Falls
Visit Washington D.C.
Visit a tropical island
Spend time on a dude ranch
Go to Disney Land
Spend time on a farm
Work in a soup kitchen
Visit the elderly in a nursing home
Go to the San Diego Zoo
Go to the Atlanta Aquarium
Visit Amish country 
Save for something big
Get a job
Work in a soup kitchen
Help build a house for Habitat for Humanity
Go on a mission trip
Learn how to take care of a car
Watch a sunrise on a beach and from a mountain
Learn to cook
Visit a desert
Go camping and backpacking
Learn to dance
Learn to read music
Go to a summer camp
Go to the symphony
Take a cross country RV trip
Visit all 50 states
Ride a horse
Go to professional sport games (baseball, football, hockey and tennis)
Grow a garden
Plant a family tree
Go sailing
Read the classics (children's)
See a broadway play/musical
Visit Central Park (the zoo, sail a toy boat, climb on the rocks)
Go to the NYC botanical gardens
Visit the Biltmore Estate
Visit Bryce canyon
Go to a European city
Learn to ski
Learn proper manners
Learn to budget
See a rainforest
Attend the Iowa State Fair
See the cherry blossoms bloom in Washington, D.C.

P.S.  What is something that would be a must on your list?


  1. I love this list and I am in the process of creating one of my own!

  2. what a great im close to 40 (eek! how did that happen) - im into making BIG lists.
    thank you!
    we live near water, so learning to boat, etc...will be on my list:)
    i love your list - so, i'll be using some of those ideas:)

  3. What a cool idea. And when you think about the amount of time you have in that respect (and the amount of summer vacations from school they have left) oh my gosh that is not much time at all. You have made me realize I need to start making more plans with my guys! Ezra and I have always said that we would like to take a volunteer trip to Africa. He says when he is 16. I would also like to take them on some of the 14er hikes here in Colorado that I have never even climbed myself. We should enjoy our local surroundings more.

  4. We have a sunrise on our beach every morning!!

  5. if you want them to see it here. You are welcome any time!!

  6. This is a fantastic list!
    It looks a lot like the one in my head...I should actually write a list down!

  7. Now that all my children have "flown the coop", so to speak, I can see just how many actually got checked off our list.

  8. Thank you for the reminder to write my list down... We share a lot of the same. My son wants to visit all of the state capitol buildings & run up the steps at each one (that has steps!). Also, the extreme points... We've been to key west & lubec, me - the southernmost & easternmost points the continental US. Need to add the northernmost, westernmost & middle. ;)


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