Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Picnic

We got a lot of snow last night which meant that today was a snow day!  I wish that meant that I could tell you we spent the day in snowy bliss sitting by the fire and drinking hot chocolate.  But alas, for whatever reason the day was filled with it's fair share of sibling squabbling, some "what should I dos?" and a decent amount of whining.  Oh, and I gave some lectures, but I'm fairly sure that no one was listening.

In an effort to distract ourselves we had a snowy outdoor picnic with some of our favorite stuffed bears!  We made hot chocolate (with honey!) and cheesy baked potatoes to warm ourselves up!

It was a lot of fun and was indeed a great distraction!  After we finished eating lunch we came inside to warm ourselves up- including our favorite bears!


  1. Looks like fun. You have alot more snow than we do here in Colorado, which seems strange.
    I hosted a link party on my page today, for the first time. It is all about kids stuff (activities, recipes, etc.) It is new so there are only a couple links added, but I would love it if you joined. I love how much fun you have with your kids!

  2. That was a delightful read! My first introduction to a picnic in the snow. Your town needs a sledding hill all of the children can walk to. They'd be playing together for hours! mommyinthemountains is right. We sure don't have that much snow in this part of Colorado. Enjoy.

  3. What a great idea! Butterbean would love to do that. We are on Snow Day #4 here in Atlanta, but ours is now ice. Not much fun for a picnic.
    Miss you!

    I was going to do this yesterday...because I love picnics...but I thought I was crazy!
    Now i know I'm just fine...your ROCK!!!!
    I bet the kids loved it!


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