Friday, January 28, 2011

Snow Day!

Yesterday was a snow day for all of us.  We got so much snow that I gasped when I looked out the window and the children couldn't wait to get out there!

I had it in mind that if we were going to have a snow day that I would also have a theme day based on snow!  But it didn't happen.  We began the day with gusto and snowflake making but we soon were invited to a friends house to have tea/hot cocoa and play in the snow.  We chose quality time with friends (well the children and I did- Bryce is sick) because snow days are those rare days that allow you to take time out of your normal routine and just enjoy whatever you choose to do- time with friends, quite time, uninterrupted play time and stay in pajama time.  We had a good day!

I did manage to make the children a snow themed lunch!  Bryce thought the cauliflower snowman looked a little more like a snow bear than a snowman but no matter.  We cut the tortillas to look like snowflakes!


  1. You certainly had a fun creative snow day. The pictures almost make us feel like we were there. Snow sculpturing is taking place at Breckenridge today and the weekend. Considering a trip. The sculptures looked huge on the news.

  2. now that is a lot of snow! fun times with friends are sure to create fond memories!

  3. Beautiful snowy fun! I love that sweet little snowman... Enjoy your!!


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