Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Homemade Marshmallows

We woke up this morning to big, fat, fluffy snow literally pouring from the sky.  It was so beautiful!  However, school was not cancelled and so Grace made her way to school for the first time all week.  In order to busy ourselves (and to help Harris get back in the groove of not having Grace here) Harris and I set about making homemade marshmallows.  Harris took a lot of ownership in making these marshmallows.  He even did some dishes and cleaned up the counters afterwards (he takes after his Dad!).

I always use the recipe from Smitten Kitchen because they consistently turn out delicious and are fairly easy to make (though you do have to have a kitchen thermometer).  They are big, fat and fluffy- just like the snow we got today!

In honor of the snow, we cut out some of the marshmallows with a snowflake cookie cutter!

The snowflakes and hot cocoa were a perfect after school treat.

P.S.  For my birthday a few weeks ago a friend gave me a one pound- yes, one pound- bar of dark chocolate.  I've been melting the chocolate in milk for our hot chocolate.  It's delicious!  Thanks Gretchen!


  1. We've been looking at camera shots of your wonderful snow! I told Al we need to move there to have some to enjoy. Pikes Peak got some this morning but our town didn't. The marshmallows and hot chocolate look deliscioso! Glad to hear Grace made it back to school today. You have a great little helper. Send us snow!

  2. Yummy and beautiful!!! I think they are too advanced for us to make! Drats I missed your bday! When was it???? Next year! I hope your birthday was spectacular!!!!!!


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