Monday, January 3, 2011

A new bathrobe

 Harris is like an old man in a little persons body.  He's stubborn, likes things his way and loves nothing more than lounging around in his pajamas, slippers, and now, his new bathrobe.  A bathrobe was on Harris' wish list for Christmas and Santa obliged.  Conveniently, the bathrobe has pockets for Harris' friends. Harris has worn his new bathrobe every single day.  Sometimes with his pajamas, sometimes without.  I think it's adorable.  I think he is adorable.  I even think his slippers are adorable.  So basically... everything about the bathrobe and its wearer is adorable.  Except maybe the stubborn part.


  1. Yes. Harris sure likes his robe. Interesting that he would have that on his Christmas list instead of a 'toy'.
    How fun for you.

  2. Beyond ADORABLE!!!! My little guy loves his FUZZY robe too... but we only have a christmas one... maybe he will get one for his bday! PRICELESS pictures!

  3. My boy would love yours!!
    He wears his robe and slippers everyday too...he loves it!
    Of course, our slippers and robe is No where as cute as yours! ;)

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  5. That is a cute blue bathrobe. How about getting some personalised bathrobes? Perhaps that cutie in your picture would love to wear them too.

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