Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Advent Calendar Activities

Tonight starts the advent calendar! Yeah for December 1st! The children really look forward to opening the boxes on the calendar. Last year we took a new approach to the calendar and it worked really well. I'm still tweaking the activities but here's what we've got so far...

1. Receive Christmas pajamas for the season
2. Drink hot chocolate and watch Rudolph
3. Write letters to Santa
4. Go to the lighting of the tree
5. Put together a package for a soldier
6. Go caroling at the nursing home
7. Sit by the fire and read the Christmas Story
8. Christmas books
9. Make peppermint ice cream
10. Go into the city!
11. Watch a Christmas movie with Grandma
12. Family Christmas activity
13. Buy gifts for needy children (pick an angel from the tree at church)
14. Wrap gifts
15. Receive toadstool ornaments
16. Make Christmas candy figures
17. Do 5 nice things for 5 different people
18. A pack of spearmint Gum
19. Go see the Princess and the Frog
20. Make gifts/cookies for friends
21. Sing carols together
22. Put on pajamas and tour the neighborhood looking at lights
23. Make peppermint eggnog
24. Christmas Eve breakfast/ pajamas


  1. I know! Christmas is a little trickier with kids that can read! Sounds like it will be a delightful month at your home :)

  2. We just started ours last night :) I love "Do 5 Nice Things for 5 Different People." I may have to sneak that one in! Thanks for sharing...

  3. Makes one want to be a child again anticipating the activities you come up with.


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