Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

Can you believe Christmas has come and gone? We had a wonderful Christmas spent with family. Bryce's parents arrived Christmas Eve and so were here for Christmas morning and breakfast together. The children are excited to spend time with them over the next week.

Grace has exclaimed that this was the Christmas of her dreams! She said that Santa brought her everything she asked for and more. She received an American Girl doll and has not stopped playing with her. Harris received the microscope that he asked for and a wonderful box to store all of his collections in.

Santa gifts

Breakfast was wonderful (food and family)!

I have to share two of my favorite details- festive slippers and festive sugar cubes!


  1. Love the slippers and sugar cubes! Did you make them??

  2. I'm going back to get inspired and looking at all your WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS posts from last year. THOSE SUG cubes are DARLING! I love them! I'm looking forward to all your creative ideas for this year. THREE CHEERS FOR CHRISTMAS 2010!!!!! :)


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