Monday, November 30, 2009

Tree Trimming

Last night we had our annual tree trimming dinner and ornament exchange. The children are super excited for Christmas and were really looking forward to decorating the tree. They also have a lot of fun trying to decide what their new ornament will be and represent! Picking out the tree was hard this year but I think we found the perfect one!

While dinner was being made and lights were put on the tree the children decorated Christmas tree cookies and we all sipped on Cranberry Spritzer (the adult kind and the child friendly!).

This year Grace received a soccer player since this was her first year playing soccer. Harris received a tennis player since he started playing tennis.

For dessert we had tree cookies that we made into ice cream sandwiches.

P.S. Does anyone have any advice on keeping two very curious kittens out of the tree? We keep finding Coco sitting in the tree!! I think that it might give Bryce a heart attack!


  1. Fun!

    Please post pictures of the decorated tree.

    Our cats always stayed away from the tree but ate the packages...yuck!!


  2. The kids' outfits are adorable, as always!
    It doesn't look, but aluminum foil would probably do the trick. Cats typically don't like the way their paws feel on the foil. You could use it for a few days to train them to stay away.

  3. I meant to type "it doesn't look attractive", but you probably figured that out.

  4. Those cookie trees are beautiful!!


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