Thursday, December 17, 2009

Teacher Gift

Teacher gifts can be a bit tricky. As a former teacher I have received some really lovely gifts and some really lovely gift cards! Some years we have contributed to the gift card and others we have given a gift that we made. This year Grace really wanted to make something to give to her wonderful teacher and so we did.

I took this idea straight out of a Martha Stewart Kids and even got the canvas bag from the source the magazine suggested. It's from Twelve NYC and I love it! It's the perfect size and really great quality, all for a reasonable price! I cut out the A with some cute fabric and attached it with fusible webbing and fabric glue. I'm fairly sure that the webbing was supposed to be enough, but I think I did something wrong. At any rate, the glue did the trick.

Perhaps my favorite part of the whole gift is the gift tag. Isn't it just perfect for a teacher gift?

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  1. Darling! I love it all...great job, the note card is perfect.


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