Monday, December 28, 2009

Sibling Gifts

I couldn't be happier with how the children's gifts to each other this year turned out. What I'm really happy about is that they are actually useful and not something to be thrown out in a few weeks when the novelty is worn off.

Grace made Harris a set of handkerchiefs. He's already put them in a pile by his bed and will really enjoy being like his Dad. Regular handkerchiefs are way too large (16 by 16) for children and I couldn't find any smaller ones so we had to cut the inside square out of regular handkerchiefs. Grace drew scenes on each handkerchief using fabric markers. This was super easy and turned out really cute.

Harris and I struggled a bit with what to make Grace. Fortunately, we got inspiration from Design Mom! Just a few days before Christmas I ran into Old Navy looking for something for Harris to print on using a potato. I got so lucky because right up front on a mannequin was this adorable dress with silver sparkles in it. It was the last one, it was on sale ($14!) and it was Grace's size! I grabbed it and ran! We decided that since it had sparkles it was perfect for glittery snowflakes. Bryce and Harris cut the potato using a cookie cutter and printed on the dress using glittery silver fabric paint. Grace loves it and will wear it frequently I'm sure.

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