Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Mouse Hole... for our kittens

Have I shown you our mouse hole? My Mom used to have a hole cut to look like a mouse hole as the door to her cat's litter box. I've always thought it was adorable and so when we got Coco and Lily I knew that I wanted to put in a mouse hole door leading to their litter. And of course a mouse hole needs a mouse. I love how the door adds a bit of whimsy to our basement door!

So far the wreath by their door is my favorite new Christmas decoration!


  1. Precious...didn't you have that in Georgia at your first house or did you just tell me about it???

    I LOVE it!!


    *The wreath is the perfect touch!

  2. Okay - I LOVE that! Too cute. The wreath totally makes it , by the way!


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