Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I love Christmas. I always have. One of my earliest Christmas memories is of lying in bed and realizing that Christmas was only 4 weeks away! I remember thinking that it was going to be the most magical and special Christmas ever. And it was. It felt like it was forever until Christmas finally came but that time was filled with magic.

Of course I now realize that my Mom was probably killing herself to get it all done and make it so special. I also can't figure out why it felt like forever... now the Christmas season feels so short with so much to do in such a short time.

Over the past few days I've realized that I haven't taken the time to sit and stare at the Christmas tree lights. I've been too busy searching the internet for gifts and making lists of all that is to get done. Of course the irony is that other things don't seem to be getting done...I've somehow managed to miss two meetings (that were both on my calendar), my bed hasn't been made up in two days and I've somehow lost my facial moisturizer (how is that even possible??). Is anyone else experiencing this craziness??

I know that there is a balance and I'm trying to find it. So. I'm going to try to spend the next two weeks just enjoying the season. And remembering why we celebrate CHRISTmas.


  1. Since I work outside the home, I have to really plan and work hard in November so that December is not just horrible! I am really ahead of the game this year and it has made me really enjoy the season so much more. But the parties are killing me! I love it but I am exhausted. I need to do better next year and not fill my schedule so much. I don't want to be so tired that I can enjoy this season.

  2. oh, boy do i feel it! 2 boys birthday parties (I'm actually doing a combo this year and the invite is an evite!)plus a baby. Trying to keep it all in perspective and keep the meaning of Christmas in the forefront. Look up The Jesse Tree, it is a great way for kids to be reminded daily of what Christmas is all about. I Love your tree!!

  3. Your tree is truly glowing. I watched the Celtic Women sing 'O Holy Night' just now and peace washed over me. We've been rushing from thing to thing also, so I needed that.


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