Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Perfect Weekend

We had such a great pre- Christmas weekend! It included three parties, one breakfast and lots of snow! I love where we live. I love our community, our friends and our home. I'm so grateful for having such wonderful opportunities to spend with friends.

We were able to celebrate Chanukah with our friends Marci and John and their daughter Hannah (and three other families). John made delicious stew and biscuits and the children got to help light the last candle. It's such a wonderful experience for the children!

Later that evening Bryce and I attended a holiday celebration in the wine cellar of our dear friends Sonja and Ryan. They are wonderful hosts and we had a great time!

Saturday morning we awoke to snow! Last year we started a new tradition with Tim, Kristin, Grace and Matthew of having Christmas breakfast together the Saturday before Christmas. This year we had it at their house. The food was yummy and it was so cozy sitting by the fire (all in our jammies) and watching the snow fall! After we left we sat by the fire at home and watched the snow accumulate even more. It was so beautiful and dreamy. Saturday evening we went to another fun party while the children spent the night with Grandma (which helped to make their weekend perfect!).

Today we had a beautiful day with beautiful snow! We went sledding- but that deserves it's own post!


  1. It does sound like a perfect weekend!!


  2. Oh yes! Snow! Hope you keep some for our visit.


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