Monday, January 12, 2015

It's happened...

On Saturday, I celebrated my 42nd birthday.  Grace celebrated the fact that she is officially taller than me.  For as long as I can remember, if there was anything that I fervently wished to change about my physical appearance, it was to be just a little bit taller.  It didn't have to be super model tall (using that term dates me, doesn't it?) but a couple of inches would have made me happy!  I've made peace with it and certainly don't sit around and bemoan that I'm only 5'1" but it's fun to see Grace get those few extra inches.  It's also a little bit of an adjustment to look up into her eyes instead of down!

I thought of softening the lines around my eyes and the sort of double chin going on in this picture but in my 42nd year I'm going to celebrate those lines even as I try all sorts of potions and lotions to slow them down!


  1. This is a cute post!! My almost 13 year old boy is almost taller than me and I swear he is growing a few inches very week!!! I am almost 45 ( my bday is in Feb.)I am just under 5'4 and always wished I was at least 5'7. I did want to be a model and actually did some but my petite height held me back!!

  2. I always thought 5'4" would be perfect! I'm sure if you had been taller you would have been a super model! :)

  3. I too am 5'1 and understand. I have grown to be ok with it. There are advantages to being small right? Happy happy birthday! You look fabulous!

    1. Definite advantages Leah! Bryce has always said I was just the right height to fit under his arm!

  4. We saw it coming. Experienced it with my mom too. Nice you can celebrate with Grace.

  5. Such a sweet picture of the two of you. Not that I know you, but from reading your blog I can tell that you take time to notice of the small things to set as a special memory. This picture makes me think of how fast my little girl is growing and will soon be taller than me.


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