Tuesday, January 27, 2015


I've never considered myself a big shoe person and, in fact, have the basics and that's about it, though Bryce would not agree as his idea of basic is different than mine!  However, when I was cleaning out my closet I realized anew that I am a definite clutch person.  I love them and use them whenever I get a chance.  While my clutches don't matter one whit in this world, sometimes it's nice just to look at something pretty!  Therefore, I thought it would be fun to catalogue my favorites...

It all started when Bryce got me this vintage beaded purse that is my absolute favorite.  I love the color of this purse as it goes with everything and looks beautiful!  Unfortunately, I cannot actually use it anymore as the beads are falling off and the clasp won't properly shut any longer.

Once, when I was on a girls weekend trip, I spotted this clutch with a frog on it in the hotel boutique.  When I came home I told Bryce about it, and he surprised me with it for Mother's Day that year.

This clutch was a recent consignment shop find.  Again, I love its color as it goes with everything and it's neat that it is hard sided.

Inevitably, I pull this ruffled clutch out every Christmas.  It's from Target (years ago) and is still going strong!

This beaded and sparkly clutch was also a consignment shop find.

This is probably my most used clutch.  It goes with everything and is perfect with jeans and boots or something dressier.  This was a gift from Bryce for Christmas one year.

And finally, a basic black clutch.  I don't think it could be more simple, but I like that for a black clutch.


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