Friday, January 9, 2015

A Christmas Skirt + Pajamas

I promise this is my last Christmas post!  

I felt that I would be remiss if I didn't mention what I wore on Christmas Eve because it certainly gave us a few chuckles.  Years and years ago, when I was probably 23, I asked my Mom to make me a long, plaid Christmas skirt with a sash.  I can only imagine that I thought it the height of sophistication!  I wore it and loved it and at some point along the way I probably began to think it most unsophisticated and maybe a little silly?  Therefore, it got relegated to the back of the closet and forgotten.  Until.  Until I found it again and thought why not? It's vintage in my own closet!  The jury is still out whether it looked sophisticated or silly but I enjoyed wearing it and seeing my Mother's face when she walked in the door and recognized the skirt!

Also, Grace and I had matching Airstream flannel pajamas this season which made us happy as they are so, so comfy (from Target!).  I also thoroughly enjoyed seeing Grace's face when I showed up in the same pajamas as her!

A side note: It feels really strange to put 3 pictures of myself on here.  I don't know how the fashion bloggers do it, whenever I try to "model" an outfit, I end of looking (and feeling) rather silly!


  1. I think the skirt is lovely! Seriously. I'm impressed you can still wear something from your twenties.
    My vote...keep the skirt! :)

  2. Please don't feel silly about posting photos of yourself. With the huge number of photos you post, the percentage of ones that include you is small. Really like the back shot with your hair down and your pose. The skirt. . .how fun for you and your mom. The Airstream P.J.s look very soft. Is Grace taller than you?!

  3. Love the skirt... AND the jammies! Silly is fun and beautiful I think. I too couldn't even fit into something from my twenties so good for you!


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