Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Homemade Christmas

This year the children made a lot of Christmas gifts!  Every year the children seem to make more and more gifts, I don't recall ever stating that they had to make gifts for family, but now it's just sort of what they do for Grandparents, each other and Bryce and I.  Grace made her list early on, along with her supply list, and got busy creating!  She utilized Pinterest and Martha Stewart a lot to help her come up with ideas.  Harris had a few ideas of his own, but needed some suggestions and ideas from us.  After we made a list of recipients and gifts, each child was in charge of making a supply list and then we spent an afternoon at the craft store getting what we needed.  Fortunately, both children got their gifts done without any stress or angst this year!  Here's a rundown of what was made...


She mixed up a yummy coco mix with marshmallows for her Grandparents to enjoy.

For her Grandma, she crafted felt polka dot and snowflake coasters.

For her Dad, she made gnome bottle covers.

And for me, she made beautiful candles in vintage teacups (thanks to Gretchen who helped her get the teacups!).  She also made me body butter that she then packaged in the adorable reindeer in the top photo.  I tell ya, that girl gets the art of presentation.


For his Gran and Grandpa, Harris made duct tape wallets.  The orange wallet he made using instructions he found online, the second one he just modeled after one we had in the house.

For his Grandma, Harris made a buckwheat warmer with lavender.  He and Bryce sewed it together.

For his Dad, he drew on the mat of a frame we bought.  Bryce had asked for a picture of the children for his office, so this was perfect.

And for me, Harris made a picture using lighted wire.  You can turn the light on and off as it is battery operated!  Bryce says that this was completely Harris' idea as he wanted to do something "electric."  

Just a small note about homemade Christmas:  Several friends have mentioned to me that they've tried doing sibling gifts or homemade gifts only to find they didn't have the time or that the gifts ended up being extra stuff!  I totally get that and can see where it's simply not for every family.  In fact, I think that it's important that every family find that something that says Christmas to them and hold on tight to it; whatever it might be!  

However, I appreciate that this is not an activity that I've fabricated trying to make a magical Christmas memory.  This is Christmas magic all on it's own and it's important to me.  I want the children to understand the joy of giving, especially something heartfelt and done with love. So we will continue to carve out time and space to make gifts for others as long as the children are eager and willing!


  1. All. Very very special and well thought through. A lesson in preparation as well. Love that we are the happy recipients of their creativity.

  2. Such great gift ideas they had! I adore this tradition that you have created! I may have to see if my boys are interested in giving it a go.


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