Friday, January 23, 2015


One of my goals for the New Year was to clean something out everyday, which sounds lofty, but it doesn't have to be big- I consider my purse a job well done if that's all I get to!  I made this goal because I've been feeling a bit chaotic with stuff all around that's disorganized.  I find that a mess makes me feel on edge, grumpy and not at all put together.  I haven't managed something everyday, but I'm feeling pretty good about what I have gotten to.

My closet was one of the first things I tackled.  I find that it's so very easy to let my closet slowly turn into a mess.  My closet is not very large and I have to move clothes seasonally, but I hadn't even moved my summer clothes out and my winter clothes in.  Therefore, it was a messy mix of both winter and summer!  I'm sharing my closet not because it's so large and wonderful, but rather because I like the little touches that make me smile when I open up the doors!

Speaking of doors, the one feature that I do love about my closet is that the light comes on when I open the door!  It's wonderful, though I do have to be careful to close the door when done or else we are lighting up my closet for no reason!

We love the Elfa system from the Container Store and have used it in most of our closets.  I've had a closet with a California Closet system in it, but my personal preference is the Elfa system.  Plus, you can change it around if you need too!

I love my pink tea tin and my Harris made turtle to hold pins and such.

As much as I would love a walk in closet, I think my little one is pretty great!


  1. Awesome! I love it! When we moved to our new house I had to go to a very small closet and I have been struggling with keeping it organized. I have a dream of building a custom walk in closet in the future but looking at your lovely closet makes me think I can live with the one I have I just need to tidy it up and get rid of things! It looks great!


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