Friday, January 16, 2015

A Copper Kettle

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the comments, phone calls, and emails about my Mom.  I truly appreciate the kindness and thought behind each one!

Years ago, in our last house, I began collecting a few copper items here and there.  Copper pots, cookie cutters, bowls, etc. became a part of my collection.  They "went" with my kitchen perfectly since they were warm and homey.  Then we moved, and I let them fall out of favor.   These beauties were sort of relegated to backs of drawers and out of reach cabinets.   Perhaps this was due to my all white kitchen and nickel finishes on pulls, chandeliers and faucets and (incorrect) belief that copper didn't have a place in that esthetic.  Obviously, that was silly and I've realized copper can, and should, work along side any other kitchen appliance considering it's significant quality, durability and classic look in the kitchen.  Therefore, I've started pulling out my copper pieces more and more, and I recently acquired a gorgeous copper tea kettle.  You guys, I love her so much.  I adore the copper, brass and wood together, and I just think her gracious lines are so beautiful.  

I bought the kettle with the belief that I would have to have her retinned because the inside was filthy and it looked as if it was in really bad shape.  However, before I sent her off to get a new inside, I figured it wouldn't hurt to try to clean up a bit!  Two hours later, I had a brand new looking kettle.  The inside is in perfect shape!  I also found the makers mark which told me she was made in Paris.  Love that.  

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  1. So pretty! I also really adore your white subway backsplash!


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