Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sibling Gifts 2014

The children making gifts for each other still remains one of my very favorite Christmas traditions. One of the things that I love about it is the fact that it is a given for the children; there is no complaining or whining about it, instead there is excitement and intention.  After the children have seen and explored what Santa brought them, their sibling gifts are the first thing they want to open!

This year, Harris made a lavender sleep balm for Grace who has had a difficult time falling asleep since she was a wee baby!  Infused with lavender and other sleep inducing essential oils we thought it would be a sweet gift for her.  He also made lavender bath bombs (sort of turned out more like bath sprinkles) for her as she still loves a good soak in the tub!

Grace knew right away that she wanted to make Harris something to do with Percy Jackson since he can't seem to stop reading and rereading the books!  We bought an orange t-shirt (the color the kids wear at camp half blood) and using a fabric marker she drew the logo on the front using a template that she printed out.  He loves it!


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