Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Pointe Shoes

Five years ago, after Grace's first class at her new dance studio, Grace stated that her goal in ballet was to get up on pointe and she has now reached her goal!  I so appreciate the way that her studio works in that they only allow students to go up on pointe once they are physically and technically ready.  There is no rushing!  This helps to prevent injuries and poor habits.

Her studio brings in a company that specifically sell pointe shoes and they spend about half an hour with each student to find a proper fitting.  It was such an exciting day for Grace!  It was made all the better when the gentleman who fit Grace exclaimed that she had "perfect" feet for pointe shoes.  She was over the moon!

Her teachers spent an enormous amount of time talking about pointe shoes and demonstrating how to properly stitch in the elastic and the ribbons.  Grace's Gran was here during this time and helped Grace do one shoe and then Grace did the other.  Her teachers stressed that it's important to learn to do the stitching oneself instead of relying on mothers/fathers/grandparents!

They start very slowly doing pointe work in class but, of course, Grace couldn't wait to try them out so we had a little photo session with them.  I'll be curious to see where Grace goes with ballet from here.  Honestly, I sort of thought that after she reached her goal of going up on pointe shoes she might take a step back and pursue other interests (ballet is a large time suck!) but for now she seems to be completely committed and excited about ballet.  I suppose time will tell, but for now we are enjoying her enthusiasm and the beauty of ballet in our lives.


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