Friday, November 21, 2014

Hot Toddy

All week I've been dealing with a nasty cold.  So even as I've continued to do what needs to get done, I've felt as if my head is in a bubble!  Thankfully, as of yet, no else has gotten it!  On Saturday, I met a friend for a drink and ordered a hot toddy as I didn't feel up to anything stronger and just really wanted something warm and cozy.  I don't think I've ever ordered (or made one) but it sounded like something that would be great for a cold.  I really enjoyed it and have tried to re-create it at home this past week.  I think I like the ones I've made even better!  In doing a tad bit of research on hot toddies I discovered that they are a traditional "remedy" for colds, the flu, etc. as they have ingredients that are useful in combating sore throats and stuffy noses; lemon is for your immune system, honey to sooth sore throats, and whiskey to help you sleep better.  I don't think these drinks are an exact science so you can mess around with proportions all you like!  Here's my favorite combination...

Anna's Hot Toddy

about 2 teaspoons lemon (I used a real lemon but I don't see why "Real Lemon" wouldn't' work)
about 1 tablespoon honey
about 2 ounces whiskey of your choice(I used an irish blend)
about 4 oz of hot water 
cinnamon stick and cloves

In the bottom of your glass or mug pour the lemon, honey and whiskey.  Add hot, but not boiling, water and stir with your honey spoon so that you get all the honey off!  Add a cinnamon stick and a lemon slice that has been studded with cloves (I got this idea from the original drink I had).  Enjoy!

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