Monday, November 10, 2014

A Tie Dye Party

This year, Harris had a family party for his birthday as he was lucky enough to have his Gran and Grandpa visiting!  My sister and her family were also able to join us and, of course, my Mom.  When I decided to do a tie-dye party it was a beautiful, warm fall day and the time had not yet changed. Unfortunately, on the day of our gathering, it was cold, windy and dark since the time changed the night before! Nevertheless, we partied on and tie-dyed away.

We moved the celebration into the garage where Bryce used his heat lamps (thus the red tint to all the pictures) and borrowed a friends garage heater!  It didn't make for great pictures, but it did make for a good time!  We bought a tie-dye kit and before we got started we watched a little how-to video. Everyone was a good sport and dyed a shirt!

As we rotated working on the t-shirts, I had another activity for anyone who wanted to participate. Using a piece of watercolor paper, drops of dye were dropped and then blown around the paper using a straw.  They turned out wonderful!  We used them for the placemats for dinner. 

The cake was a tie-dye t-shirt!

I also made tie-dye ice cream (non-dairy).  To get the effect of tie-dye I used different colors of gelatin.

After we dyed our shirts, we all sat down to a meal together.  Bryce and Al indulged me by moving my round dining room table out and my outdoor table in since it could use the rectangular straw art placemats.  Apparently, Harris felt the need to dress for dinner.

The shirts had to stay wet with dye for 24 hours and I then washed them all.  They turned out so wonderful!  

On Harris' actual birthday, everyone came back over (except Delita and Bill who were out of town) for dinner and I handed out the shirts!


  1. Love this! Such a great idea down to every single detail... The clear plates on the placemats I love so much.


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