Thursday, November 13, 2014

48 Hours in Charleston, South Carolina

The reason that we ventured to Charleston in the first place was to attend the wedding of friends. Their story is a beautiful one and the wedding was magical, gorgeous and heartfelt.  Bryce and I were thrilled to celebrate with them!

The wedding took place at the family plantation and I cannot imagine a more stunning location.  I didn't take my camera (just my phone) and didn't get a lot of pictures as I wanted to enjoy the moment.  However, we got a few from friends and I'm convinced the wedding and all the beautiful, thoughtful details will eventually be in a magazine- it was that fabulous!  The evening was a perfect mix of laughter, dancing, great food, a few tears and special moments.  And don't get me started about the flowers...

The next day, before we headed home, Bryce and I found more delicious food and walked around for a bit.  We loved the architecture, history and beauty of the gardens.  Any place that has pink homes is ok by me.

Rainbow Row

Love cobblestone streets

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