Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Readying for Thanksgiving

Part of me has been really dreading the holiday season as so much of our celebrations are centered around food.  Food that Harris can't have.  In fact, I had been sort of putting off thinking about Thanksgiving since some of our favorite dishes are off limits for Harris.  I have a rule in my house that we don't serve food that Harris cannot eat.  In his own home, I don't want him to ever feel like he's missing out* (he gets that in plenty of other situations).  However, it's hard to balance that when you have 8 other people who would love to enjoy sweet potato souffle and cornbread dressing!

After talking it over with my Mom and Bryce, I realized that there is a lot he can have (cranberry sauce, turkey, green beans, deviled eggs, etc.) and so, with Harris' total agreement, we are serving up all our traditional foods and a few new foods (I'm trying gluten free pull apart rolls and gluten/dairy free pumpkin pie).  I'm feeling good about tomorrow and the holidays in general!

Also?  I got two new serving pieces for our table.  I love them both so much.  One is a small, covered serving dish that I find so, so charming.  It's crazed and a little chipped, but that only adds character! I got it for next to nothing in a dusty, dirty antique store.  Once I cleaned the inch of dirt off it really sparkled!  I also got this silver-plate gravy boat on sale at Williams Sonoma.  It so simple and beautiful and will be perfect for more than just gravy.  I'm thinking chocolate sauce....

*while all of our meals are suitable for Harris, Grace is allowed to have milk at dinner, "regular" lunches, etc.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures and pieces of your life with us. They are so pretty, inspiring and thoughtful.

  2. I hope all of your gluten and dairy free trials were good! This was our first year on that path as well and it was interesting. :)


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