Wednesday, November 12, 2014

48 Hours in Charleston, South Carolina

This past weekend, Bryce and I traveled to Charleston, South Carolina to celebrate a wedding!  It was such a perfect weekend all the way around and was so good for Bryce and I to spend some time together just the two of us.

Our dear friends, Holle and Weatherford, also live in Charleston so it was a really special treat to be able to spend time with them and their amazing children (Bryce and Weatherford are best friends from college).  They walked us around the beautiful area that, for now, they call home.

After saying goodbye to Holle and Weatherford, we checked in to our hotel and then briefly met friends for drinks at The Gin Joint.  Unfortunately, they were packed to the gills so we didn't get to spend time with our friends, who were also there for the wedding, but we did get to sit at the amazing bar and have a very good drink or two.

From there, we headed to Husk.  I have read amazing things about this restaurant and it didn't disappoint.  I LOVE southern food and this was a wonderful reintroduction and reinvention!

Saturday morning, we walked from our hotel, The Planters Inn, and met Holle and Weatherford at The Hominy Grill for breakfast (fried chicken biscuit with gravy) and then a little time in the park.  It was wonderful to be able to walk and enjoy some of the Charleston sights, not to mention working off all that glorious southern food.

The next 24 hours are coming up next....

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