Wednesday, May 14, 2014


I love Wednesdays.  It's our family day in the middle of the week.  The day where the children get to reconnect with each other, the garden and us too.  No baseball games or ballet classes just the entire afternoon stretched out in front of us.  I love Wednesdays.

*Pictures from 2 Wednesdays ago- blurry due to the fact I was cozy inside while they played outside in the pouring rain!


  1. I love days like that. I cannot wait for summer break for there to be more unscheduled time.

  2. and a rainy Wednesday makes it even better. I love that your children will run out and play in the rain, that is the best.

  3. Our Wednesdays are exactly the same...nestled in between Tuesday and Thursday...which are both absolutely crazy! Every Wednesday...I feel free! Makes me wonder if my kids are doing too much...since we all love the day off!


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