Friday, May 9, 2014

Tea-riffic Cookies for Teacher Appreciation

Both of the children love their teachers this year.  Grace still has, and will continue to have, the same teacher throughout her years at Waldorf and Harris hit the jackpot with a wonderful teacher as well.  To show our appreciation for them and all that they do we made them cookies.

Grace made Earl Gray Shortbread Cookies (so good!) and I cut out the dough in the shape of teabags.  I simply traced around a teabag on card stock and used that as my template to cut out the cookies.

Before popping them in the oven we used a straw to form a hole at the top of the teabag.  (And just in case you forget to make the hole before you put them in the oven, no worries!  They are soft enough while still baking to still make the hole- I learned this the hard way)  After the cookies cooled completely, we dipped them in some dark chocolate* and laid them on wax paper to cool and harden.

To finish the teabag look I tied string on the teabags.  Oddly, this was the most tedious part of the whole endeavor- perhaps it was because I did it late at night after my book-club!  Next time, I'm putting the children to work on that one!

I suppose it would have looked much cuter and more "polished" to have used a printable for the top of the box, but I wanted the children to write it personally.

*I used Ghirardelli dark chocolate melts


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