Sunday, May 4, 2014

San Diego, California

While in San Diego we were able to hit a few highlights but obviously there was so much we didn't get to do!  The San Diego Zoo has been on our Empty Nest List forever and therefore it was a priority.  This zoo is huge and hilly and did I mention enormous?  We spent the entire day walking around the zoo and yet I'm sure we only hit a fraction of what it has to offer!

We also visited Old Town San Diego where we got delicious mexican food and Bryce had a margarita he is still thinking about!

Balboa Park was first built for an exposition celebrating the completion of the panama canal.  The buildings still stand and house various museums and botanical gardens.  To have such a park in the middle of the city is just amazing.  I loved seeing the architecture and the flowers too!

Point Loma was recommended to us by several people for the amazing vistas of the city. We made our way over with a picnic planning on spending the afternoon hiking.  However, we discovered that they close at 5:00 and so we were just able to take in the lighthouse and skyline.  We were thrilled to see a submarine coming in!

As we waited to head to the airport we stopped off to watch the sun set over the ocean one more time before we left.  Thank you San Diego for being so good to us!


  1. Gorgeous photos, Anna! Really stunning. Sounds like it was a fabulous vacation.

  2. Ohhhh. Now I want to see those bears for myself! That last shot is really special. Can't get too much of the photos!

  3. Looks like a fabulous time!


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