Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Vintage Vases and Blooms Workshop

Saturday, Gretchen and I traveled to a small urban flower farm for a wonderful workshop called, "Vintage Vases and Blooms."  I knew as soon as I saw that title that I wanted to take part!

Jennie owns an urban flower farm where she grows beautiful, amazing flowers and then sells them or arranges them into jaw dropping gorgeous arrangements for events.

Jennie started the workshop by giving us a tour of the farm and told us a bit about her operations.  She then gave us a lesson in flower arranging as she put together an arrangement herself.  I've struggled with making mixed flower arrangements and her suggestions and recommendations were so spot on for me- I learned a lot!

(I wore my hat not because of the sun but to keep my hair dry from the rainstorm that blew in!)

For me, it was so good to learn about "fillers" such as bupleurum, lambs ear, kale, mint, etc.  They were almost all things that I have in my yard but never thought about using.  I cannot wait to use lambs ear with some of my peonies!

We each chose a vintage vase from Jennie's collection to take as our own for our arrangement.  She then gave us free rein on her farm to pick whatever flowers we wanted.  I should note that it's a late spring here and all of her blooming flowers were either inside or under a tent!

Funnily enough, Gretchen used her vintage vase for a super simple, but elegant arrangement, and then made another arrangement in a glass cylinder.  These are our finished arrangements minus her first one!

Saturday was actually a really crazy day for our family and we had to work pretty hard (and my Mom had to shuttle Grace to ballet rehearsal!) to allow me to be able to spend the day arranging flowers!  I so appreciate having a husband and family who is willing to "make it work" so that I can have such great experiences.


  1. I have always wanted to learn more about flower arranging. I am famous for just picking one type of flower and filling the vase with that! haha. Yours is stunning!

  2. I too have wanted to take a flower arranging class! However, in my wildest dreams ...I couldn't have pictured this gorgeous setting! Love everything about this post! Your arrangement is gorgeous!


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