Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sleeping Beauty

Grace's ballet school does not have a recital each year, but rather they perform a ballet with the opportunity for students to participate if they wish.  On Saturday, Grace performed in the ballet, Sleeping Beauty!  She was wonderful, as was the entire production.  The skill and talent these young dancers display blows me away every single year.  Grace was lucky enough this year to have 2 (out of three) sets of Grandparents present to watch the performance.  Here are some snapshots of the day...

(my favorite photo from the whole day)


  1. Lovely! She is beautiful and so {Grace}ful!

  2. How beautiful! I love that she has this delicate side and also her tomboy side as you have mentioned in other posts. Seems like she is a very talented and well rounded girl!

    1. Leah- Bryce and I had a moment on Saturday where this could not have been truer. Directly after the show we went to a friends house and at one point we looked up to see our girl, who had been wearing a tutu no less than an hour before, running around brandishing a wooden sword and playing with three of her good male friends!

  3. She looks lovely, and I love the fact that her beauty isn't masked by heavy stage makeup. I am sure it was a wonderful performance!

  4. Grace looks so beautiful, and your photos are gorgeous. What a special night!

  5. I love that she is a ballerina! I remember a post a while back about how her style is a little more casual. She is a perfect balance of elegance and adventurous!


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