Thursday, May 22, 2014

Favorite Things #42

These linen bowl covers are the perfect example of having something useful and beautiful in your home.  The other evening I prepped all of dinner since I knew that I would be getting home very late and it would be vastly easier for Bryce if everything was all set to go.  I chopped and sliced all the ingredients and left them in bowls ready to be put together.  I covered each bowl in one of my linen bowl covers which makes it so much easier than pulling out plastic wrap or tin foil.  It's also less wasteful so I say that makes it a win all the way around!


  1. Did you make them or did you order them from somewhere? I love love love them. I saw something similar on pinterest to make but I think I might prefer to buy them. Would love to know where you found them.

    1. Leah- Click on the pink link and it will take you to the website for the covers. I don't remember them costing that much (I've had them over a year) but I would probably buy them again. I love them! As far as making them, I'm sure someone who was a skilled seamstress could easily do it (I'm not that person!) and then they would be the exact sizes of your bowls!

  2. Brilliant idea ...and exactly what I need! Thanks for sharing!


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