Friday, May 30, 2014

Grace's Room

Grace's room has been "done" for a while now, but I haven't shared because I kept thinking that we would straighten up her shelves before we took pictures.  However, I've realized that she has them the way she wants them and that they change on an almost weekly basis so why not capture them just how she has them.  And though I did pick up a few pieces of clothing off the floor, straighten up her assortment of items on her bedside table and fluff out her duvet, this is her room pretty much as it is.

She really loves the bedside table we found at a local shop.  I was concerned that it didn't have a drawer, but I think in the end it's worked out really, really well!  The bottom shelf is perfect for stacks of books and the top is nice and wide.  The lamp is one we used in our living room in our old house.  I pulled it out from the basement and painted it the same color as the walls and the linen shade works perfectly with her duvet cover.

Grace is in love with having a double bed (as we enter the tween/teen years she does enjoy sleeping in more and more!).  I chose not to get pillow shams since they would inevitably get thrown on the floor and stay there!  It looks a little unfinished but not enough to bother me and it certainly doesn't bother Grace!  At least this way we get closer to having a made up bed each morning!

The dresser we bought Grace and the bulletin board we made are going strong and have been a perfect fit.

We love Grace's new acrylic desk chair.  I think it helps to give the room a little edge away from being too traditional for a tween/teen, and I believe it will work all the way through school as she gets older and older!  Also, the wool rug has worked out beautifully!

As I mentioned, Grace's desk is ever evolving and she uses it every single day to do homework, craft projects, write and dream.  She changes out little vignettes on her window sill all the time!  Recently, she cleaned up her desk and moved a lot of stuff away and I actually missed seeing her display(s).  It always gives me a clue as to what she is thinking about and enjoying (they showed up again pretty quickly).

Grace is very fortunate that her room is a very generous size so she is able to fit a double bed, vanity, dresser and bookshelves/desk combination!

P.S.  Look at this post I did years ago about Grace's room!  She was so little!


  1. Love her room :) it is so light and airy and beautiful :)

  2. lauralouwelch@comcast.netMay 30, 2014 at 4:16 PM

    So lovely. I would like that room to be mine! I am the mother of two boys so no girl's room for me. I do so enjoy your posts about raising a daughter. She seems like a lovely person. :)

  3. I also love how light and airy it is. And that bed, I am IN LOVE with that bed! Envious as well of you enjoying decorating a girls room. I have two very boy boys. I love the bulletin board as well and have been thinking about making one for Ezra. Great room!

  4. All the details, and personal touches make this just perfect! I am eager to redo my daughter's room, but not just yet - we are still fully into little girl and at the edge of pre-teen.

  5. Terrific room for a terrific girl!


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