Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Acadia National Park, Maine

Acadia was wonderful and beautiful.  Bryce and I actually visited Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor on our honeymoon, but this was the first time that we have taken the children.  We arrived in Acadia (we stayed in the Blackwoods Campground) on Tuesday and were joined by Kathleen and family that evening.  Our children just love hanging out with Will and Caroline and were thrilled to spend so much time with them.

(the children all earned their junior ranger badges)

We kept everyone busy for sure!  Our first day, we went biking around part of The Loop Road.  We made it to some of the big "must sees" such as Sand Beach and Thunder hole.  Though to be honest, you can't go wrong at any site along this coastline, it's simply spectacular!  The children were like mountain climbers and scrambled over the rocks like their was nothing to it.  I might have had to look away a time or two.

Another day, we visited the Carroll Homestead to learn about how early families used to live, work and play on their farmsteads.  Up to 16 people lived in this house together!  The children also enjoyed playing the old fashioned games.

We made a few short hikes to the coastline and also found a lighthouse.

We went up to the top of Cadillac Mountain and while Kathleen and I enjoyed the view the children and husbands scrambled off to explore.  

We biked around the carriage roads together.

One evening we enjoyed a casual and delicious lobster boil!

Our last evening in Acadia we went on a sea kayak tour and it was a great experience being that close to the water!


  1. We loved Acadia & hope to go back and spend some more time there when the kids are bigger. Beautiful place, for sure!

  2. WOW!!! WOW!!!WOW!!!
    What a great trip...I can't believe how beautiful it is! Maine is one place I plan to take my kids to explore...and when we do..I will be emailing you for lots of advice! ;)

  3. What a most wonderful setting for rock scrambling. That's a beauty with Harris up top. Lovely reflections. The lighthouse shot is especially fetching. Such a blessing to have similar friends. Beautiful photos of you all.


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