Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cape Cod- Part 2

Toward the middle of the week, the weather finally turned for us and got hot and sunny.  Midweek, we had a really lovely day at the beach.  Unfortunately, it resulted in a very unpleasant sunburn for Grace (she truly had lots of sunscreen on!).  The evening of our beach day we also made it to a fabulous venue that was a drive in movie theater.  We sat in the back of the truck and had a grand time (even if we were a bit chilly and I had a terrible headache from too much sun!).

The 4th of July dawned a beautiful day and we had grand plans for taking a sailboat tour and having a picnic before the fireworks display in Hyannis. Unfortunately, our sailboat company turned out to have questionable business ethics (they canceled our tour siting boat troubles, but then we saw them heading out with another tour later in the evening!).  We ended up on a much larger boat and had quite a ride because the sea was choppy and the wind was high!

After our boat ride, we set up a picnic by the harbor and waited for the fireworks to begin.  It was a lovely evening.  However, the fireworks turned out to be a huge disappointment.  Clouds/fog rolled in as it got dark and completely obscured the fireworks!  In fact, we could only see the top 1/4 of each firework!  Grace kept saying, "I'm sure that one was spectacular!"

While in Cape Cod we also took advantage of the fantastic Rail Trail on our bikes.  The house we rented was right next to the trail so it was super easy and convenient.   

One day, Bryce and Ron took the children to the nature center in Brewster and Gretchen and I were able to sneak in a few stops at antique stores.  I scored two fabulous items that I'm super excited about!

Our trip was a great time spent with friends!

I literally have no idea why I am standing like that!


  1. We were at the Cape for the same week!!! And we bought the same exact bottle of champagne!!! I brought a bottle home with us too because I loved it so much. I'm a sucker for good packaging. Glad you had a great vacation. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  2. A drive in movie watched from the back of a truck. How cool is that! (Sorry you had a headache tho.) That looks like a happy sea faring lad there! He no doubt enjoyed the adventure.

  3. Can I just tell you what a joy it is to catch up on your blog! I am loving every minute!


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