Friday, July 5, 2013

Cozy Classics

I think I have come upon my new standard baby gift.  I love these board books so much that I have bought all of them to put away plus some to have on hand to give away (I've even preordered the next 2!).  I discovered these books last fall and absolutely adore them. They are charming, beautiful, useful and promote literacy!  Oh, and they are based on classic novels!  Honestly, they are perfection.

Each book is based on a classic piece of literature, and each page has a scene from the book, needle felted and then photographed, along with a one word description of the scene.  I don't know how the authors have done it but they have truly managed to convey the basic plot of each book.  Also, it doesn't really matter if you know the story or not because each word is still baby/toddler appropriate and can stand alone with the illustration.


  1. We love ours. Such a cool gift.

  2. you would also love the Babylit series. Jennifer Adams is the author. They are such fun.

  3. Thanks Ann-Marie! I will check them out!


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