Monday, July 15, 2013

Notes on Airstream Adventure #2

Hello, hello!  We just got home last night after a 15 day vacation where we spent a week in Cape Cod, Massachusetts and a week in Acadia National Park in Maine.  It was a wonderful vacation!  We took the Airstream with us and stayed in her for the second week (we were in a house with friends the first week).  This was our first big trip with the Airstream, and we discovered that we had a pretty steep learning curve about traveling with our own home and we also discovered that we LOVE it.  The Airstream feels like home and that makes all the difference.  I'll be sharing pictures from the two weeks soon, but first I wanted to make notes about our experience in the Airstream.  These are pretty random, some are events and some are things to remember next time we take her out!

*Don't have breakable things in the cabinets.  When we got to Cape Cod we stepped in the trailer to discover that my olive oil crock had fallen and spilled olive oil everywhere.  A plastic bottle may not be as pretty but it sure won't create as big of a mess.

*Don't forget the toll pass or the National Park Pass because both will cost you money and time (we forgot both).

*Don't leave fresh water sitting in the tanks because it will go bad and you will have to spend time cleansing the tanks.

*Make sure the refrigerator door clicks fully shut.  Check it approximately 20 times before you pull out.

*The Airstream looks beautiful with white lights on it's awning.

*Not all State Parks are created equal.  We pulled into one campground that got great reviews and was by the ocean only to discover that it was basically a big parking lot for RVers.  We really prefer a site surrounded by trees and with a little privacy.

* Which leads me to... be sure to check out the satellite view of a campground.

*Always keep an easy meal in the Airstream (spaghetti and canned sauce) because when you pull in to a site late, the last thing you really want to do is to eat out or run to the store.

*Get better at reading maps.  It became apparent during this trip that I will be the navigator and some people have little tolerance for poor map skills (rightfully so when you are pulling a 28 foot trailer that leaves little room for turn arounds!).

*Owning an Airstream is fun.  People would drive by and give a thumbs up or stop by the campsite to chat about the Airstream.

*Bryce is a great driver.  One time when I was directing him into a site he was this close to a tree and I was a nervous wreck.  He was steady as a rock.  Which reminds me that I must get louder so that he can hear me as I direct him.

*Everyone needs a job for setting up and taking down.  That way everyone is contributing and busy.


  1. Love that you were on Cape. It is where I make my home. Next time, give a shout out and I will give you some sight seeing tips... I hope you enjoyed your time here.

  2. Lauralou- I wish I had gotten some tips. One of the neatest things we did was something that a local recommend (a great swimming kettle pond).

  3. How fun! We are planning a trip to Acadia this week!!! Thanks to you, we checked the little red lighthouse off our list, too, this weekend. So fun!!!


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