Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Few Vintage Items...

I haven't done much shopping lately (antique or other) but I've still managed to pick up a few things over the past 6 months or so!

This table that I got is an absolute favorite find!  I've set it up outside and it's perfect for all sorts of things.  I think it's especially pretty at a party for appetizers and/or drinks.

When I go clothes shopping I'm always, always drawn to the dressier items.  I think we should bring back dressing for dinner and having dressy parties!  There is something special about getting dressed up.  I just love it.  I got this little top and just adore it (it's sequins!).  The little flowers are so sweet.  Now, if only I can find a place to wear it.

I picked up these blue mason jars at our church rummage sale for a couple dollars a piece.  They are perfect for flowers.  Score.

Also, I picked up this cast iron planter at a consignment store and it is perfect for our porch mantel.  I'm not sure that it's vintage/antique but I don't care.  These planters can be super expensive so I was happy to find one that wasn't.


  1. Love that table, and the planter is a fabulous find!

  2. I need you to take me shopping...everyday...and make my house...and me cute! :)
    My kids will entertain your will be a party for all! :)


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