Thursday, July 25, 2013

Compost Update

This spring/summer we got to use our first real batch of compost in the garden.  I was so excited to dress all of our flowers and new plantings with this "black gold"!  However, I've had a lot of "volunteer" plants come up, mostly tomato but a few flowers too.  I'm thinking this means that the compost doesn't get hot enough to kill off the seeds.  I've known this was an issue (our compost is just a pile, it's not in an enclosed bin) but wasn't sure how much of an issue it was.  We've loved keeping a compost pile.  It makes us feel as if we don't have a lot of food waste and like we are doing something good for our yard at the same time.  However, I should mention we are lazy composters.  I don't pay a bit of attention to the scientific percentages of nitrogen and carbon, and I 'm wondering if I need to start. Anyone out there have any bits of advice?

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  1. I have always loved and admired your garden...and I love that it is important at your house! I need to be more like you! :)


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