Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Snapshots of Grace's Room

It's been interesting to me to see how Grace's room has evolved over the years.  She has not yet asked to redecorate her room with different bedding or colors, but she has certainly made her own unique touches.  I have to a tendency to be super stagnate in my decorating, once it's "done" I often think that's the only way it can be!  Fortunately, Grace doesn't feel that way and she constantly rearranges her shelves, desk, closet and nightstand to be exactly what she wants.  While it might not be "perfectly arranged" it is "perfectly her" and that has been a good lesson for me to let go of what I think the room should look like.  After all, it is her space and it should reflect where she is right now (though I still like a picked up room!).

Here are some snapshots of her space...


  1. It's very nice!!! I like it!!

  2. How nice to see the special touches of Grace's room before we 'see' it. The framed thought about freckles is especially pleasant. Always has been one of my favorite things about her. . . . We've always called them 'angel kisses' where I'm from.

  3. I love the freckles art! Cute.

  4. I love every single inch of her space!! And that freckles quote is one of my favorites... I say it to my son all the time! Xoxoxoxo


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