Sunday, September 2, 2012

Dinner and a Movie- Ratatouille

Last week, we had another dinner and a (outside) movie night.  This time, in celebration of the abundance at the farm, we ate and watched Ratatouille!  

We really like this movie- it's charming, funny and heart warming.

We also had little mouse cheese and crackers.  They were a big hit!

While not the children's favorite meal of all time, Ratatouille is more palatable for the children when it's linked to something fun like the movie, though I must admit that the children asked me why my ratatouille doesn't look like Chef Remy's!

P.S.  Other dinner and a movie themes are here and here.


  1. I love movie nights...and outside would be better! :) We love that movie too...and your mouse and crackers are too cute for words!

  2. Ami saw the first movie night blog and was smitten. She would love to do that! She has pet rats, so when she sees this blog she'll like those mice! I think outside movie night is a bubbling over fun family thing to enjoy! Where again did you get the idea?


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