Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Junior Ranger Program

(picture taken by Harris!)

While we were on our RV adventure the children participated in the Junior Ranger Program.  This program is designed to help children to learn about, explore, and protect our National Parks.

The activities that the children had to complete at each park varied in difficulty and expectations.  For instance, Yellowstone and The Grand Tetons both required the children to participate in Ranger led programs, which proved difficult to fit in!  Also, it required sitting down, concentrating and thinking, which Harris didn't love to do!  He wanted to be outside exploring or making a fire.

 At each park the children were sworn in as a Junior Ranger and were given patches.  Now we just have to figure out how to best show off those patches!


  1. I love the Junior Ranger Programs... We've never gotten patches, only the badges, but I really like the patches!!! Hope that y'all got passport stamps, too! :) Sooo fun!!!

  2. It was good to see on your trip blogs that Grace and Harris were 'taking the oath'. Even on the scenic glacier cruise we did in AK children were given that opportunity. We have found it's a good thing to attach patches using a temporary technique so they can be moved when desired. Congratulations to the Junior Rangers! We welcome them here in Colorado any time!

  3. We have a junior ranger program here..and I have need to take my kids! I love the idea!

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