Monday, September 24, 2012


How was your first fall weekend?  We were busy with a wide variety of different things, all the while trying to put the house back together after getting some painting done.  Please remind me to never have things painted again...

Harris had his first Cub Scout meeting of the season and got to watch a sword fight!  I think he looks handsome as a knight!

While the boys were at their meeting, Grace and I had a spa night at home.

Saturday, Gretchen and I canned salsa all day.

However, Grace and I managed to fit in a fun mother/daughter paint party that a friend hosted.  It was such fun!

On Sunday, Grace auditioned for the Nutcracker Ballet.  I'm so proud of her for trying out, she had a great experience no matter what the outcome!

When Grace got home, she got to work making Oatmeal Cookies.  She has begun making them from start to finish!

We enjoyed those very cookies after dinner by the fire!

What did you do this weekend?


  1. What a great weekend! you are so lucky to have a daughter to share girly things with, like facials and cooking! Enjoy.

  2. I can't hardly stand how much fun your weekend is!!! It's just so perfect!!!
    Love the paintings!!!

  3. Now THAT was a big time update on your weekend activities! Almost as good as being there. Quite a bit more active and social than our weekend for sure! Great photos!


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